Aquatic Plants Direct Online

Aquatic plants direct from the grower to you. Based in Perth, Western Australia, we're committed to great service, quality plants and the preservation of all aquarium plants but especially the rare and hard to get.

Welcome to our online 'store'...  A continual work in progress

Feel free to look around, read Darren's Plant blog, sign the Guestbook or just browse the Catalogue  while we get everything photographed, labeled, uploaded and sort out the ordering system. Thank you for your patience we hope to have everything sorted out ASAP.


Aquatic plants Direct has been around since 2002 with the aim of preserving the aquatic plant species that we have here in Western Australia that for one reason or another have fallen out of favor with the market and have all but disappeared. That said we also propagate & grow all the more common and well know species as well because let's face it they sell well and allow is to pay for the passion

After 8 long years we decided it was time enter the online age and get the word and our products out there so on a barmy night in March 2010 Aquatic Plants Direct Online was born.

If you'd like to contact us for a plant list or to place an order you can do that via email by clicking here